What You Should Do When Your Deadbolt Lock Won’t Open

Every homeowner needs a sturdy lock that is safe and secure to ensure peace of mind. However, it can often backfire when you are stuck outside of your home, due to a stubborn lock that simply won’t open. Being locked outside of your home is not something that you ever want to experience, and calling a locksmith will cost you time and money as well. Therefore before you decide to call in for professional help and get a brand new lock and key, there are some inexpensive ways in which you can open your deadbolt lock.

Now the first thing that you should remember is that deadbolt locks are difficult to pick open, but they can be done so if you know what you are doing. Here is what you should do when your deadbolt lock won’t open:

• You should take a graphite-based lubricant and spray the key with it. Now you should put the key in the lock and tap on it so that the inside of the lock gets lubricated. Now flip the key and try to open the door. You shouldn’t use any lubricant that is going to jam the locks or make it sticky.

• Sometimes deadbolt locks won’t open because of the cold. You can counteract the cold by warming the key with your lighter flame, and then place it inside the lock. You should do this several times, since the metal will be cold and may require several attempts to warm up.

• You can look under the door knob for a little hole. Now slide a flat-head screwdriver into this hole and try to pull on the knob at the same time. Once the plate is showing, you should unscrew the assembly. Be advised that this method may damage your lock, and you may have to get a brand new lock and key anyway.

• You can remove the top with a tube of graphite powder. Place the tip into the lock and squeeze the powder inside the lock. The graphite powder will make it easier for you to open the lock.

• Check for the door hinges. Can you see them? If you can then you can open the door easily. First place a large flat head screwdriver under the large pin head that is holding the hinge in place. Now get a hammer and tap it up on the screw. You have to do this on both hinges, and then lift the door out of the hinges. It is now open.

Things You Will Need

To open a deadbolt lock that won’t open, here are some of the things that you will need:

• Hammer

• Large flat-head screwdriver

• Tube of graphite powder

• Small flat-head screwdriver

• Matches or lighter

• Graphite-based lubricant

Tips And Warnings

You should always be prepared for an emergency lockout situation. Therefore, make a spare key and give it to a neighbor, just in case you are locked outside of your home again. You should also keep track of the age of your locks, since they wear out over a certain time period. If you haven’t had your locks changed in some time, maybe you should get new locks in your place.



Skin Yeast Infections And The Best Way To Treat Them Effectively

Known as one of the most common skin infections that people can suffer from, yet infections can be quite uncomfortable to deal with and in some cases, they are hard to treat. If you've recently discovered that you have a skin yeast infection and you want to make sure that you're going to treat it as fast as possible, then some of the tips below may help you do just that.

Start With Some Good Candida Supplements

While it's true that there are many types of candida supplements out there that you can take, many of them are just not going to work and this won't only cause you a lot of stress, but also make you waste money and time. On the other hand, going for a candida cleanse on amazon is a much better option. Giving them a shot in this case is very much recommended.


When you have a skin yeast infection, you're going to experience a wide range of symptoms. In general, the infection is going to make its presence felt in the form of a red rash. While in the beginning the rash may not be that big, it's only a matter of time until it starts to infect the skin even more and spread to other parts of the body. Since this is infectious, you should not touch the infected part of your skin with the rest of the body.


Creams seem to be very effective when it comes to treating Candida infections, with some of the most popular ones being ketoconazole and clotrimazole. However, the thing is that you cannot go to the local pharmacy and buy them. You need to go to your GP first and he is going to prescribe them to you. Just for your general knowledge, any cream that ends in "azol" is an antifungal cream, so you can use it to treat your Candida infection.

Proper Care

It's also very important that you keep the area you're treating dry at all times. If it gets moist, then this is going to cause the Candida to spread and that's certainly not what you want. Using nystatin powder on the affected area is a good way to keep it dry at all times.



The Art Of Black And White Wedding Photography

There are some moments in a wedding ceremony that will have to be captured in colour. The beautiful centerpieces, your colourful bouquet and that deep, rich colour of your wedding cake. These are all best preserved in coloured portraits. And then there are moments that simply come to life when captured in black and white. Think about it, those sweet little moments that no one really expect to capture on film; moments such as that loving glance from the groom towards his bride to be, those frantic moments when everyone is busy getting ready for the ceremony and of course, those beautiful group shots would look even better in black and white. Wedding photographers in Kent such as Lovepear Photography have a way of making these black and white portraits look timeless and absolutely classic.

The art of black and white wedding photography involves capturing emotional moments, which there will be plenty of during this wonderful ceremony. A professional Kent wedding photographer knows that the fewer the colours within a portrait, the more the subject shines through. So that wonderful moment when the priest pronounces you man and wife; when your parents say goodbye to you and hand you over to your husband to be and when you mingle and interact with your beloved guests are all moments that need to be captured in black and white for better effect.

The advantages of black and white wedding photography

Not only is black and white kent wedding photographe an absolutely classic look, but it also has some unparalleled advantages:

- Black and white masks skin imperfection. This is one of the main reasons why it is used during those dreadful preparation hours. Gray does not record those blotchy red skin irritations that tend to flare up when someone is under stress. By using black and white for these shots, you will look as radiant and as beautiful as you would in all your wedding portraits through out the day.

- Black and white portraits can last for hundreds of years. If you have your portraits printed on archival fiber paper, you will have images that will outlast generations of your lineage. These portraits are as timeless as they are durable.

Of course, you will need to include some coloured shots, but if you want that classic, debonaire look then go for black and white wedding portraits. They are as lovely as they are long lasting. Plus, they make you look absolutely stunning.



Why People Over 35 Should Take Coq10

One day you'll wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror only to realize that you're not looking as sharp as you did a few years ago. There are many wrinkles on your face and your forehead and your skin looks tired as well. While witnessing these changes can make you feel very depressed, you should know that you can easily rejuvenate your skin and improve the way it looks by using coenzyme q10.

Have a healthy looking skin

It's very well-known that people over 35 should take coq10 and that is because they are the ones who are dealing with their first signs of aging that can be easily corrected by a cream containing the q10 coenzyme. The thing is that when you get older and find yourself in this age bracket, your body won't produce the same amount of q10 coenzyme and that is why you need to supplement your body with it.

For example, if you want to use q10 as an antioxidant or just reduce fatigue, then you may want to consider eating more foods that contain the enzyme. Some of the best examples out there include whole grains, peanuts, salmon, tuna, mackerel and also beef. Keep in mind that if you're an adult who is over thirty five years old, you need to take between 30 milligrams and up to 300 milligrams of coenzyme q10 per day.

Adults over fifty years of age

Adults who are over 50 years old need to consider supplementing their body with a much higher amount of coenzyme q10 if they want to stay in good health and avoid the risks of heart disease. So what would a healthy dose of q10 be for them? Well, according to various studies on the internet, the minimum amount you should take is 50 milligrams per day. This way, you'll easily be able to prevent chronic degenerative disease.

Prevent the increase of bad cholesterol

Even though the medication many people take in order to lower cholesterol levels are made so that they safeguard the heart from disease, there are many statin drugs that can heavily decrease the amount of q10 coenzyme in your system by as much as forty percent. Therefore, if you're someone who is currently taking statin drugs, then it's best that you up your q10 intake so that it lies between 100 to 200 mg a day.