7 Actionable Tips On How To Make Your Own Website

Building a website can be a confusing task especially if you are clueless about websites and web design. However, making your own website can be less of a task provided you are conversant with how to build your own website from scratch. If you aren’t, here are 7 actionable tips on how to make your own website that will guide you the process of making your own website.

1. Decide on which website building platform to use

First off, you have to decide on the website building platform that you are going to use. Will you be using a free or self-hosted platform? This will solely depend on your budget. If you decide on a self-hosted platform, then you must be ready to purchase a domain as well as hire a hosting service that will connect your site to the internet. But if you have no money, you can use WordPress or any other free website building platform of your choice.

2. Get a domain name

This is applicable if you have decided to use a self-hosted platform. Basically, a domain name can be defined as a friendly URL that people can type into their browsers so as to get to your site. However, it is not mandatory to have a domain name when you are building your site. You can put up your site on paid hosting or free hosting plans devoid of a domain name. Domain names costs approximately between $8 and $35 annually.

3. Plan your site

Once you have decided on the web building platform to use and the domain name, it is now time to plan your site. Planning your site will basically depend on the type of website you are looking forward to building. For instance, your site can be information/ news, reference or product site. Each site needs a different focus from the other when planning it. You also need to plan your web pages and the type of content that will appear on every page.

4. Plan your site page by page

Making a site requires you to work on each page at a time, thanks to the fact that you can’t make your site overnight. It is much easier to build your site each page at time than trying to make it as a whole. All you need are web design basics, knowledge about HTML as well as web page editors.

5. Publish your website

Publishing your site is just a matter of submitting the pages that you created in the previous step to your hosting provider. You can publish your site using tools that are offered by your hosting service or File Transfer Protocol (FTP) clients.

6. Promote your site

The best way to promote your new site is via SEO, where you strive to make your web content rank well in search engines. You can also promote your site via word of mouth and social media.

7. Maintain your site

Site maintenance can be very boring part of website building, but it comes in handy if you are looking forward to keeping your site looking great and going well. The more you maintain your site, the more visitors your site will get over time. With these tips on how to make your own web site, you will definitely succeed in making your own website regardless of whether you are familiar with web building or not.