Some Outstanding Moments

Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil

Like all Cirque Du Soleil performances, this one had a large share of heart-stopping, fantastic moments. Audiences left the performance at Vegas remembering why this troupe is outstanding. For a start, the well-designed costumes did not disappoint. Svelte performers emerged in enchanting, eye-catching outfits that would have made the fashion-conscious King of Pop proud. Included was his famous, white fedora hat.

Michael Jackson Cirque-du-Soleil

Then, the Cirque Du Soleil performers delivered thrilling aerial stunts, a hallmark of who they are. To enhance these daring stunts, they used striking choreography and presented slick dance moves that reminded us of the King of Pop. The performers presented memorable evening entertainment.

immortal michael jackson tour cirque du soleil

The talented live band played Jackson’s tracks with finesse. The live band arranged Jackson’s tracks with savvy creativity, in a way Jackson might have done himself. To add to the dynamism of the show, Cirque Du Soleil included holograms which it used effectively. Holographic images of Jackson’s famous attire doing the Moonwalk left viewers stunned. These holograms and videos of The King of Pop’s performances gave the show the surreal quality that Cirque Du Soleil always has. The holograms of Jackson performing were so seamlessly integrated with the performances of the acrobats that it was as though Michael Jackson was there himself.